Try Scuba Diving with a Discover Scuba Course (Resort Course)

A one day diving program for absolute beginners

For the experience of a lifetime, why not see what if feels like to breathe underwater and discover Grand Cayman’s beautiful Coral Reef. 

With the Discover Scuba course you can try Scuba Diving in the Cayman Islands without the hassle (and time) of getting your full dive certification.

What You Will Learn

You will learn some basics about diving, including how to communicate, be helped into gear, and take your first breathes underwater.

The course consists of an introduction by your dive instructor, a quick quiz and off you go to a pool to practice a few skills.  

You and the dive instructor will work with you on your scuba equipment so you are comfortable and before you know it, you are breathing underwater!

Once the pool session is complete and you are comfortable, you will go to a shallow dive site and swim among the fish and see our beautiful coral reefs.

The course usually takes 1/2 Day, and ends with a 30-40 minute shore or boat dive.

Where Can I Book A Course?

There are a good number of excellent Dive Centres in Grand Cayman. Check out: