West Bay Express Challenge with Divetech

Saturday July 25 and Sunday July 26, Divetech will be holding the West Bay Express Challenge.

For those unaware, the West Bay Express is one of Divetech’s signature dives – a one way scooter dive where our dive boat follows you and brings you back once your dive is complete.

Over the years, we’ve established a leaderboard for informal bragging rights for those who made it the furthest. Think you have what it takes to beat the record? The West Bay Express Challenge is your chance, and win some free stuff!


  • Beat the existing record of 1.69 miles – win 5 free boat trips, and unlimited bragging rights.
  • Don’t beat the record, but come in 1st place for the weekend – a free nitrox class.
  • 2nd place – 4 free shore diving air tanks.
  • 3rd place – A Divetech t-shirt of your choice.


  • You must sign up in advance for one of our West Bay Express trips scheduled for July 25 or July 26. Spaces are limited to 16 participants total.
  • Cost is $80 CI per person, which includes tank and scooter.
  • Dives must be conducted on a single aluminum 80. Air or nitrox is fine, but no doubles, or rebreathers.
  • You must remain in no-decompression limits. Any diver who has exceeded their NDL will be disqualified.
  • Distance is measured from the starting point at Lighthouse Point, to the spot where you first surface.
  • Distance is measured using our dive boat’s onboard GPS.
  • There are no refunds should you encounter strong current. Sorry, those are just the rules of the track.
  • No refunds for improper use of the scooter, or failing to follow our directions.

How the West Bay Express works

  • Divers get their scooters, tanks and set up equipment at Divetech’s Lighthouse Point shore location.
  • The divers (up to 4) and the Divetech guide will jump in the water at Lighthouse Point.
  • Your dive guide will tow a floating surface marker.
  • Our dive boat will be just offshore and follow the surface marker as your team makes their way along the reef.
  • As divers get low on air, they ascend to the surface and board the dive boat.
  • Distance is marked from the point you surface.


You must be on the surface with 500 PSI remaining in your tank, and you may not go into decompression. Even though we are having fun, the basic rules of safety do not go out the window.
Divers may make an ascent on their own, provided they are within direct line of sight of the dive guide at all times, and they clearly signal their intentions. In poor visibility, basic buddy rules should be followed at all times.

Do not ascend under the dive boat. Please remember our captain needs to be able to manoeuvre the boat, and ascending directly under the boat is dangerous. Once you surface, the boat captain will come to you and provide instructions.

How to win

Riding a scooter can be tricky the first time. You should have previous scooter experience.

If you don’t, come to Lighthouse Point and rent one prior to the event. Or perhaps even consider taking the DPV specialty class, so you can learn all of the tricks and tips from our experts 😀

Learn more here: How to Beat the West Bay Express.


Jul 25 - 26 2020


571 NW Point Road, West Bay


+1 (345) 946-5658

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